Competency Questions

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As the Enslaved team began authoring the Enslaved Ontology, work conducted with knowledge engineers at the Data Semantic Lab (DeSa Lab) formerly at Wright State University and now at Kansas State University, led by Pascal Hitzler and Cogan Shimizu, we formulated lists of Competency Questions. These questions, developed in collaboration with a team of scholars of slavery, are essentially search queries in natural language that serve multiple purposes. First, they express the requirements of our data model. Second, they helped the Enslaved team build the ontology. Finally, Enslaved has used these questions to test the ontology and the capabilities of the Enslaved Hub. Enslaved has created queries to test the presuppositions that underlay the Competency Questions. In this way, the questions -- and our testing of them -- tell us if the Enslaved Ontology includes the necessary classes and properties to link effectively and query historic slave trade data meaningfully.

We would like to acknowledge the following people who contributed to the development of the Enslaved Competency Questions.

David Eltis (Emory University), Gwendolyn Midlo Hall (Rutgers University), Paul LaChance (University of Ottawa, Keith McClelland (University College London), Steven J. Niven (Harvard University), Dean Rehberger (Michigan State University), Daryle Williams (University of Maryland), Walter Hawthorne (Michigan State University)