Controlled Vocabulary


Enslaved defined controlled vocabularies for 9 Enslaved Metadata fields to promote searching, browsing, filtering, and data visualization across disparate datasets. Developed in collaboration with a team of scholars of slavery, there is 1 controlled vocabulary for the EVENT record, 6 for the PERSON record, 1 for the PLACE record, and 1 for SOURCE. The Enslaved Controlled Vocabularies help ensure data consistency across the platform, allowing scholars to search over numerous datasets to study and understand the lives of the people involved in the historic slave trade. Contributors to Enslaved do not change their data but map their terms to the controlled vocabularies used on Enslaved to ensure data consistency across the platform and to promote data discovery and use. Contributor data beyond the Enslaved Controlled Vocabularies will always remain available on the contributor's website or as part of the original dataset published on the Enslaved Publishing Platform.

We would like to acknowledge the following people who contributed to the development of the Enslaved Controlled Vocabulary documentation.

Ryan Carty (Michigan State University), Luísa Cruz (York University), David Eltis (Emory University), Ina Fandrich (New Orleans African American Museum), Jessica Fletcher (Vanderbilt), Catherine Foley (Michigan State University), Henry Louis Gates (Harvard University), Daniel Genkins (Vanderbilt University), Seila Gonzalez Estrecha (Michigan State University), Gwendolyn Midlo Hall (Rutgers University), Kathe Hambrick (River Road African American Museum), Walter Hawthorne (Michigan State University), Paul LaChance (University of Ottawa), Jane Landers, (Vanderbilt University), Sharon M. Leon (Michigan State University), Paul Lovejoy (York University), Henry Lovejoy (University of Colorado), Keith McClelland (University College London), Érika Melek Delgado (York University), Jeff Mixter (OCLC), Steven J. Niven (Harvard University), Dean Rehberger (Michigan State University), Jim Schindling (West Virginia University), Kara Schultz (Vanderbilt University), Alicia M. Sheill (Michigan State University), Angela Sutton (Vanderbilt University), Duncan Tarr (Michigan State University), Bruna Tine (York University), Daryle Williams (University of Maryland), and Ethan Watrall (Michigan State University)