Controlled Vocabularies

V.3 PDF V.3 RDF/XML V.3 Turtle V.3 CSV Controlled Vocabularies contain lists of words and phrases used to consistently categorize data values in 9 fields so that slightly different words can be mapped to a standard term and therefore be effectively searched. Controlled vocabularies on minimize the likelihood of missing relevant records due to variations in wording or unclear categorizations. Although controlled vocabularies are intended to be stable, our lists are not exhaustive and new terms can be added to reflect the needs of new datasets.

Users can download current and past versions of the controlled vocabularies as RDF/XML, Turtle, or CSV by clicking the appropriate button.

Past Versions

V.2 PDF V.2 RDF/XML V.2 Turtle V.2 CSV
V.1 PDF V.1 RDF/XML V.1 Turtle V.1 CSV