Ontology Data Model

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The Enslaved.org Ontology is a data model for the historical slave trade. It expresses concepts within the domain -- people, events, and places -- and relationships between these concepts. Developed in collaboration with knowledge engineers at the Data Semantic Lab (DeSa Lab) formerly at Wright State University and now at Kansas State University, led by Dr. Pascal Hitzler and Cogan Shimizu (Wright State University); Jeff Mixter from Online Computer Library Center (OCLC); and the Enslaved.org project team. It is a Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontology. The Enslaved.org Ontology reuses ontology design patterns for Events, Agents (people), and Roles (how a person participated in an event). It focuses on people and events, and, as a history-driven model, includes modules for place, time, and provenance (information about primary and secondary sources). The Enslaved.org Ontology expresses every field in the Enslaved.org Metadata Documentation and has slots for the Enslaved.org Controlled Vocabularies.

The Enslaved.org Ontology is available in two formats: OWL and PDF. The HTML button leads to an interactive visualization of version 2 of the Ontology created in the WebVOWL application.

Past Versions

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